is a unique concept that will enable you and your gundog to move on to the next level. Whether you just want to try working a fully trained gundog to help decide on what breed you would like to buy for yourself or you have a fully trained picking up team and want a refresher course before the shooting season can meet your needs.

With the training days taking place throughout the UK we aim to facilitate clients who find it difficult to access land, professional trainers and expensive training equipment, so they will now have a service that they can access quite easily and at a price that they can afford.

With the aid of the full time professional trainers Mike Roberts (MiLisCer Gundogs), Kev Davidson (Withnellmoor Gundogs) and guest trainers such as Carol Clarke from Greenbriar Labradors and Andy Cullen from Laochin Gundogs, we will assist you in your training your gundog to the next level and beyond.

The training days will be on actual shoots throughout the UK using the most up to date auto launchers supplied by BanGo UK. The days will simulate actual shooting scenarios that you will come across during your gundog / shooting life from beating to field trailing. With the added benefit that we can create specific scenarios that you will come across on a shoot day again and again.